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MO-327 CHG 94-01
Paragraph  C.2,a. FACILITIES, includes a description of the
location of the work, utility systems, and unusual hazards
which may be encountered by the contractor in carrying out
the work.
Typical Paragraphs
Location.  All work under this contract is within eleven
family housing areas at Naval Station Anywhere. Naval
Station Anywhere is located on US 100 one mile west of Route
Utility Systems.  The contractor shall obtain a digging
permit form the Maintenance Control Director, prior to
excavating  at any site within the boundaries of the Station.
[Specify the conditions under which permits will be issued,
[Specify how interruption of services,
who wil l issue etc.]
such as electric power, required by the contractor's work,
will be handled].
Hazards.  Many areas, including paved roads, in the northern
portion of the Station are subject to flash floods.
[Describe hazards such as oil and gas lines/]
Paragraph C.2,b. WORKING HOURS, describes the normal working
hours at the installation, the need to work under certain
circumstances outside normal working hours, and lists federal
holidays.  A clear statement of when the contractor is permitted
to work and when he is not permitted to work is important to
customer satisfaction in man  service type contract s.
example, it may be undesirabl e to allow garbage collection during
the night in a residential area.  Some tasks, such as cleaning  of
galley vent hoods or elevator repairs, may be more convenient ly
scheduled after normal working hours.
Typical Paragraphs
Normal Working Hours.  Normal working hours shall be Monday
through Friday, 0730 to 1600 hours, except federal holidays.
The approval of the Contracting Officer, is required for
performance of work outside normal working hours.  In the
case of emergencies, or for the completion of emergency-work
initiated during normal working hours, the contractor will
be required to work outside normal working hours.
contractor will also be required to work on certain tasks,
outside normal working hours, as shown on the schedule in
Attachment J-F__.
[List federal holidays.]
Federal Holidays.
Paragraph C.2,c. CONTRACTOR QUALITY CONTROL.  The standard
quality control clause is on longer a valid clause for use.  The
contractor's quality  control shal l be performed in accordance
with the requiremen ts of FAR clause 52.246-1, "INSPECTION OF
SERVICES - F IXED PRICE" and an  additional inspection or
reporting requirements include d in Paragraph C.2,c.


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