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MO-327 CHG 94-01
Contracting Officer may at any time require samples of
materials to be used in work performed under this contract.
Administrative supplies and equipment shall be furnished by
the contractor.  Such contractor supplies should include,
but are not limited to, paper, pens, pencils, sharpeners
scratch pads, file cabinets, office furniture,  office
machines, etc.
3-536 PARAGRAPH C.6 MANAGEMENT.  This paragraph should be
tailored to the nature of the service being contracted and set
forth the level of management expected of the contractor to
provide duties including but not limited to, planning,
scheduling, quality control, furnishing adequate supplies and
materials, furnishin  adequate staffing of qualifie d personnel to
assure performance o f the work, completing  work in accordance
with the time and quality standards speci f ied, etc.
Paragraph C.7  CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS, describes the relationship
between the contract requirements, the performance requirements
summary (PRS), and the detailed specifications in Paragraph C-8.
(Note that the PRS is contained within the EPRS as shown in
Figure 3-5, but only the PRS portion is included in the contract
Typical Paragraphs
The contract requirements listed below
shall be performed in accordance with the performance
requirements summary (PRS), and the detailed specifications.
Paragraph C.7,b. CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS, contains a listing of
each contract requirement listed in the PRS together with the
work requirement ( s) associated with each contract requirement.
the standard of performance of each work requirement (A, B, C,
etc.) is stated in detail and reference is made to the detailed
specification in paragraph C.8.
The typical paragraphs given below should be read in conjunction
with the  PRS  shown in Figure 3-5 at page 34 of this text.
Typical Paragraphs - Refuse collection and disposal
C.7,b, (1) Contract Requirement No. 001.  Empty containers,
non-hazardous waste in administration area.
requirements are as follows:
A.  Empty containers in accordance with the schedule in
Attachment J-F6.  The location of the containers is shown on
Drawing No. 6251.
B.  Pickup refuse adjacent to containers.  All refuse within
10 feet of the container shall be picked up.  Before leaving
the collection site, the contractor shall clean up any
spillage caused by the collection operation.


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