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MO-327 CHG 94-01
and the lid of each container shall be replaced. The
location of the houses in Area A is shown on Drawing No.
B.  Pickup refuse adjacent to containers.  Before leaving  a
collection point  the contractor shall clean up any spil lage
caused by his collection operation.  The contractor will not
be responsible for pickup of refuse adjacent to containers
not caused by his operations unless it is placed in
disposable bags.
T h e  typical paragraphs given below should be read in conjunction
with th e PRS shown in Figure 3-6.
Typical Paragraphs - Housing maintenance contract.
C.7,b, (8)  Contract Requirement No. 008.  Routine Service
calls. The work requirements are as follows:
A.  Response time.  All routine service calls shall be
completed within for (4) working  days after of receipt.
Once work is commenced, it shal l be prosecuted until
Service calls shall
B.  Classification and documentation
be classified as routine service calls when the work does
Examples of
not qualify as an emergency or  priority call
ut are not limited to
routine service calls include, b
repair of windows, floors, counters and cabinets, freeing up
binding doors, repair of bathroom tile and leaking faucets.
Routine service calls shall be documented by either a work
authorization form, change of occupancy work  authorization,
or an indefinite quantity work authorization form.
C. Cost accounting.  All service work is included in the
fixed  price portion of the contract except when the cost
exceeds $500 based on the cost of labor and materials.  If
the contractor believes that the total cost will be grater
the  Government  shall  be  provided  with  a  detailed
cost estimate.
D.  Quality work.  The contractor shall perform the work in
accordance with the specifications and to the general
standard of an experienced  journeyman skilled in the trade.
All material and supplies shall be new unless specified
C.7,b, (30)  Contract Requirement No. 30.  Change of
Occupancy Maintenance.  The work requirements are as
A.  Response time.  Change of occupancy work shall commence
after th e premises are vacated an
contractor during  the hours of 0700 through 2000, seven (7)
days a week.  Al l chang  of occupancy work  shall be
completed within two (2) calendar days after the unit
becomes available. For example, if the unit becomes
available on Tuesday  at 1800, the work must be completed and
the unit turned back over to the Government by 1800


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