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MO-327 CHG 94-01
B.  Quality work.  The contractor shall perform the work in
accordance with the detail specifications (Paragraph C.8)
and to the general standards of an experienced Journeyman
skilled in the trade.  the work includes any required
interior and exterior maintenance and repair work, including
painting, floor finishing, tile replacement, or other work
described in the specification
Historical work load data should be  provided as an a  appendix to
the contract requirements listed in  Paragraph C.7.  Th e
historical data and work schedules are essential to  provide
prospective contractors with a scope of work which a l ong with the
contractor's own expertise, becomes the basis for the preparation
of a bid for the work.
Paragraph C.8,a. GENERAL, describes the relationship between the
work to be performed under the contract and the detailed
specifications contained in Paragraph C.8 and in Attachment J-C9.
Detailed  specifications may not be required for some contract
requirements.  For example, there are no detailed specifications
for the two contract requirements for the refuse and collection
contract shown above.
The specification shown in Attachment J-C9 are, where
appropriate, based on the NAVFACENGCOM guide specifications
(NAGS). The guide specifications shoul d be carefully reviewed in
the light of on site conditions and the nature of the work
contemplated.  revisions to the guide specifications should be
made as necessary.
Typical Paragraphs - Housing maintenance contract.
C.8,a. GENERAL.  Work performed under this contract shall be
performed in accordance with these specifications and the
specification shown in Attachment J-C9.
The contractor shall repair all family housing including
dwellings, sewage collection s stems,, water supply systems,
electrical su pply systems, an d gas distribution systems
within the foll owing limits.
(1) Repair to dwellings shall include repair to porches and
(2)  The contractor's responsibilities for repair and
main tenance extends to all plumbing s stems and fixtures for
each dwelling unit and extends to and includes the
connection with the main sewer line located in the roadway
in front of each dwelling.
(3)  Domestic water lines shall be maintained to the service
stop and box outside the unit.
(4)  Gas lines shall be maintained both within and outside
building to and including the pressure regulator outside the


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