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MO-327 CHG 94-01
(5)  The contractor's responsibilities for the repair and
maintenance of electrical systems starts at the connection
between the entrance conductors and the service drop
including all circuit breakers.  The service drop is
considered to be at the masthead connection on units having
mastheads: on units having  outside distribution panels, the
breakers in the exterior distribution panels are the
responsibility of the Government.
All plumbing systems and fixtures of each housing  unit shall
be maintained in a good and safe operating condi tion free of
leaks and drips in accordance with the specification in
Any sidewalk, road,, grass, or any portion
Attachment J-C9
of a housing unit such as a wall, ceiling or floor, which is
damaged or removed to gain access for repair or re placement
of an concealed pipe or fitting, shall be replace d or
repaired by the contractor to its original condition.  There
wil l be no separate payment for such replacement or repair.
Paragraph C.8,c. is followed by subsections giving more detailed
specifications for plumbing items under such heading as "Plumbing
Fixtures," "Water Heaters,"  "Dishwashers," and "Garbage-
Disposals" with a reference where appropriate to the
specification section which is applicable in Attachment J-C6.
3-539  Paragraph C-9  WORK DOCUMENTATION.  This paragraph lists
the work documentation, including work schedules  inspection
reports, certification of materials, occupational licenses,
accident report, contract discrepancy reports, and other
documentation required by the terms of t he contract.
"Performance Evaluation" should be included in the listing with
an ex planation  that the contractor ma  be afforded an
opportunity to comment on these evalua t ions.
Typical Paragraphs.
The princi pal documentation required by this contract is
summarize d  below The listing  is not all inclusive and
additional documentation may be required to fulfill the
objectives of the contract.
Work Scheduling.  The contractor shall submit a monthly work
schedule of planned performance of preventative maintenance
inspections and janitorial services to the Contracting
Officer by the 25 th day of the preceding month for a pproval.
The schedules shall be coordinated with Paragraphs F.5.
changes to the schedules shall be coordinate d with the'
Contracting Officer 24 hours prior to implementation.
Service interruptions will be scheduled in accordance with
Section F.5,d and will be subject to approval by the
Contracting Officer.
Preventive Maintenance Checklist.  The contractor shall
carry out preventive maintenance in accordance with the
checklists shown in


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