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Alternatively, the Contracting Officer may decide to use units such as
square yards, gallons, etc. in the schedule of deductions.  However, because
the schedule of deductions is a part of the contract, variations from the
quantities shown in the schedule may necessitate changes in the schedule by
means of contract modifications.  If line items are used (as schedule of
prices) in place of a schedule of deductions, units such as square yards,
gallons etc., should not be used because to do so would convert the firm
fixed price part of the contract into an indefinite quantity contract.
Further should be sought from the contract specialist before
varying the standard methods of preparing schedules.
The units in the pricing requirements section of the EPRS for the
corresponding requirements in the schedule of deductions are for
individual occurrences of the contract requirement such as "Each," and these
are the units which will be used in calculating deductions for
unsatisfactory performance as shown at 6-600 -- Payment Calculations.
The prices shown in the schedule of deductions are used in conjunction with
the "Consequences of the Contractor's Failure to Perform Required Services"
Clause in Section E, in making deductions to the contract price for
nonperformed or unsatisfactory work.  In accordance with the "Consequences"
clause, resorting to the schedule of deductions (or the schedule of prices
in Section B, where appropriate) is not the only means by which deductions
of the contract may be calculated.  For example, if portions of the work are
carried out by the Government or by another contractor in order to correct
deficiencies, the actual cost of the work the the Government is used to
determine the deduction to the price for that portion of the work.
3-570 Section J, List of Attachments. The attachments to other sections
of the contract are included in Section J. A partial listing of attachments
is shown in the Uniform Contract Format Guide (UCFG).
3-580 Attachment J-C. The attachments included in connection with
Section C, the performance work statement typically include the following:
Performance Requirements summary
Government Furnished Facilities, Equipment,
Materials, and Utilities
Contractor Furnished Items
Historical Performance Data
Work Documentation
A performance requirements summary (PRS) must be included in Attachment J-C
for all contracts written in the uniform contract format (UCF). The PRS
shall in accordance with established policy include a listing of all the
contract requirements in the firm fixed price part of the contract as well
as the contract requirements included in the indefinite quantity part. The
PRS shall be included irrespective of the type of surveillance employed.
When the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) format, which is used
for construction contracts, is employed, the use of a performance
requirements summary is optional.


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