Quantcast Chapter 4 Quality Assurance Plans

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4-100 GENERAL. This chapter describes quality assurance plans and
evaluation methods used to monitor the performance of facility support
contractors.  When the Government purchases goods or services, there must be
some means provided to attest to the value received for monies spent.
Recipients of the contracted goods or services, in this case Naval shore
activities, are responsible for developing and implementing procedures to
insure that contract services conform to specifications. A quality
assurance plan (QAP) generally consists of a series of surveillance guides
(SGs) together with a performance requirement summary. The QAP documents
the means and methods by which the Government intends to implement quality
assurance (QA) at the local level. Quality assurance plans
(a) Provide quality assurance evaluators (QAEs) with a systematic plan
for the surveillance of the contractor's work,
(b)  Provide the methods for collecting information necessary to
evaluate the contractor's performance,
(c) Provide a basis for documenting the official contract file on
matters pertaining to performance and quality,
(d)  Provide the methods for collecting data to justify deductions to
the contract pride in the event of unsatisfactory performance by the
(e)  Provide shore establishment with a basis for providing QA resources
at an adequate level.
Contractors, on the otherhand, are responsible for providing quality
control (QC).  The purpose of quality control is to control the service
producing process and insure that the desired level of quality is
obtained. Quality assurance on the part of the receiving activity is no
substitute for quality control and likewise, quality control on the part of
the contractor is no substitute for quality assurance -- both must be
present to effectively meet the mission of providing quality services by
4-210 Quality Assurance (QA) Approach. The QA approach adoptedby
NAVFACENGCOM is keyed to performance oriented specifications.
(a) It focuses on the quality of the product delivered by the
Contractor and not on the steps taken or procedures used to provide that


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