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MO-327 CHG 94-01
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(h) Selecting the sample from the Population.
(i)  Evaluation Procedure.  Document how validation of
complaints is to be performed.  Evaluation procedures should be
in enough detail to allow others to continue the same manner of
inspection using the same evaluation criteria.
(j)  Analysis of Results.  Determine the number of validated
complaints for the past surveillance period.  If there is a good
customer complaint program, changes in the number of complaints
per surveillance period may be useful in detecting changes in the
contractor's performance.  The ODR for validated complaints is
ODR = number of validated customer complaints
The ODR has no statistical relation to the defect rate for the
entire population of services, and it is therefore not possible
to extrapolate the number of validated customer complaints to
determine the defect rate (DR) in the whole population.
4 - 7 6 0 Incidential Instructions.  The surveillance technique of
conducting incidential or unscheduled inspections may provide
useful information as an indicator of how a contractor may be
performing.  However, incidential or unscheduled inspections can
not be used to determine the contractor's overall level of
This surveillance method is intended to be used as
a supplement to other surveillance methods.  Therefore, no
guidance is provided for the preparation of a surveillance guide
using incidential or unscheduled inspections.


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