Quantcast Chapter 6 Quality Assurance Considerations in Contract Administration

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6-110 Team Coordination. Team coordination can have a dramatic effect on
the quality and consistency of contract services.  Effective and efficient
satisfaction of public works support needs by contract involves close
coordination between the customer activity and the field contracting office
(see 2-400).  The Contracting Officer is responsible for insuring effective
contract administration including quality assurance, the approval of
payments, and the issuance of contract modifications.
6-120 Appointment Letters. The Head of the Contracting Office (HCO),
will appoint an individual to provide overall coordination during the
administration phase of the contract.  This individual is normally referred
to as the facility support contract manager (FSCM). The HCO will assign the
FSCM appropriate responsibilities and provide guidance on the administration
of the contract.  A sample appointment letter for an FSCM is contained in
the Contracting Manual P-68 Appendix E. At activities where workload and
staffing requirements permit only one FSCM, a general or blanket appointment
letter may be prepared.  Surveillance of facility support contracts is
performed by quality assurance evaluators (QAEs), also referred to as
technical representatives of the Commanding Officer (TRCOs) and similar
titles.  QAEs are assigned by the activity and receive their authority and
guidance for surveillance of the contract from the HCO. A sample
appointment letter for a QAE is contained in the Contracting Manual P-68, at
Appendix E.
The facility support contract manager (FSCM) and the quality assurance
evaluators (QAEs) should be identified as early as possible, preferably when
the decision is first made to contract for the work.  This permits
participation by the FSCM and the QAE(s) in the planning for the contract
including preparation of the performance requirements summary (PRS),
performance work statement (PWS), and quality assurance (QA) plan. Also,
early identification of these individuals will allow time for the scheduling
and accomplishment of any needed training.
The Contracting Officer is required to establish controls so that the FSCM
and the QAEs are performing the duties outlined in their letters of
appointment and that effective administration of each contract is being
accomplished.  The control system must include provisions to assure that
orders for work issued by the Contracting Officer are within the scope of
the contract.
FSCMs and QAEs must understand that they do not have the authority to alter
the terms of the contract, incur obligations on behalf of the Government or
waive any required performance of the contract.  Authority for these actions
is reserved to the Contracting Officer.


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