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6-130 Government Furnished Property . The Government sometimes finds it
beneficial to furnish property such as equipment, materials, or facilities,
to the contractor under the terms of the contract. This property is
referred to as Government furnished property (GFP). Policy and guidance
concerning GFP is contained in Part 45 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation
(FAR) and supplementary regulations.
When the GFP is listed in the solicitation, the Government becomes obligated
to furnish the property or cause such property to be acquired for the
contractor's use. Failure of the Government to provide the property in
accordance with the terms of the contract can lead the contractor to claim
for breach of contract. In some instances the contractor's failure to
perform may be excused because of the Government' s failure to provide the
property in accordance with the contract.  The Contracting Officer, through
the facility support contract manager (FSCM), must verify in advance of the
commencement of the contract that the property is going to be available to
the contractor in a timely manner.
Provisions must also be made to review the contractor's property control
plan for Government property, arrange for the taking of inventory, and for
the transfer of control of the property to the contractor.
6-140 Phase-in/Phase-out . The phase-in period occurs at the beginning of
the contract.  It involves the transfer of the responsibility for performing
the work from Government personnel or from an incumbent contractor, to the
new contractor.  Advance planning is the key to a successful phase-in. The
following factors should be considered at the commencement of the contract:
(a) Provision of access to the base for the contractor's personnel and
equipment including access to work areas, storage and lay down areas, and
(b) Security requirements including security clearances, identification
badges, property passes, and vehicle registration and stickers.
(c) Transfer of Government furnished property (GFP) to the contractor.
(d) Transfer of rewards, drawings, and operations and maintenance
manuals to the contractor.
(e)  Provision of utilities such as gas, water, and electricity to the
contractor and billing arrangements.
(f) Federal and State building and environmental permits.
(g)  Provision of specific or peculiar training requirements such as
boiler light-off operations or utility load shedding operations.
The phase-out period occurs towards the end of the contract. It involves
the transfer of the responsibility for performing the work from the


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