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6-230 Quality Control Plan. The contractor is required to establish and
maintain an inspection system acceptable to the Government in accordance
with FAR 52.246-4, INSPECTION OF SERVICES - FIXED PRICE and FAR 52.246-12
INSPECTION OF A CONSTRUCTION.  The Contractor will normally be required to
submit a description of his inspection system together with procedures for
identifying and correcting deficiencies in a quality control (QC) plan. The
contractor is generally required to submit his QC plan for approval within
15 days after award of the contract. The QC plan should be carefully
reviewed for conformance with contract requirements and if necessary
returned to the contractor for amendment. The Quality Control Plan is
essential for effective management of the contract and should be approved by
the Contracting Officer prior to the commencement of work under the
6-310 Surveillance schedules. The development of an effective
surveillance schedule for use by the QAE is important to the effective
implementation of QA plans.  The schedule allows the QAE to plan where
he/she will be on any given day of the week. The surveillance schedule
serves three purposes as follows:
(a) Optimizing Time.  The QAE will use his or her surveillance schedule
to plan and execute the quality assurance workload. By making use of a
good schedule, the QAE can optimize use of available tire.
(b) Management Control.  The FSCM is provided a copy of each QAE
surveillance schedule and this schedule provides the information necessary
to monitor the quality assurance (QA) program.
(c) Audit.  The QAE surveillance schedule, along with the completed
inspection reports, provide an audit trail for contract surveillance. The
established schedule as updated during execution, should reflect what was
actually accomplished.
Quality assurance evaluator (QAE) surveillance schedules are based on data
contained in each QA plan.  The inspectionschedules for the various
contract requirements are consolidated into a master schedule showing what
the QAE must inspect each day of the month. An example of a QAE's schedule
is shown in Figure 6-l.  The example shows a six day schedule. A number of
these schedules must be completed to cover the entire month.  Contract
surveillance must cover all hours of operation.  Random observations are
scheduled at night, on weekends, and on holidays when services are performed
during these periods.  The monthly schedule shows where and what the QAE is
monitoring at all times.  After preparation of the schedule, it should be
marked "FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY" and must not be shown to the contractor.
6-320 Inspecting the Work. Inspecting the work involves acting on the
contents of the QA plan.  The inspection is done in accordance with the
QAE's schedule.  The following are general guidelines on the timing of


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