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inspections which may be used in the absence of more specific directions in
the QA Plans.
(a)  When inspecting scheduled services, the inspection must be done at
the date or time indicated in the surveillance schedule. Adherence to the
schedule is especially important when random sampling is used.
(b) When maintenance is being performed on a piece of equipment, the
QAE may have to inspect the work before the equipment is fully re-assembled.
(c) When work on the building electrical or plumbing systems is
performed, the QAE will have to inspect before siding or dry wall is
(d) For daily services, such as custodial services, the QAE must
conduct inspections shortly after work performance.
(e) Work such as painting, glass replacement, or tree pruning may be
inspected several days after completion of the work.
6-330 Record Keeping and Documentation. An accurate and complete record
of all inspections performed is required. The QAE is responsible for
updating the monthly schedule, completing evaluation worksheets, recording
customer complaints and any other material that reflects the
quality/quantity of the contractor's performance.  In accordance with the
"Consequences of Contractor's Failure to perform Required Services" clause,
the Government is required to give the contractor prompt notice. of defects
observed by the QAE in the course of his inspections. This requirement does
not imply that the Government is obligated to carry out quality control
inspections for the contractor, but that on discovering defects the
Government will inform the contractor in detail of their location.  This
notice may be given by copies of daily reports. It is recommended that the
contractor's representative be requested to acknowledge the receipt of the
notice of the defect by initialing a copy of the daily report.
The records maintained by the QAE are the basis for taking deductions to the
contract price for nonperformed or unsatisfactory work and are subject to
audit.  During the course of the contract, the QAE retains a copy of all
surveillance schedules, evaluation worksheets, and checklists. At the end
of the contract period, the QAE forwards these records for inclusion in the
contract file.  However, when a specific service becomes unsatisfactory
during a surveillance period, a copy of the inspection documentation
supporting the unsatisfactory perfomance is forwarded to the FSCM for
6-340 Rework. Whenever possible, the contractor should be given the
opportunity to reform nonperformed or unsatisfactory work. Customers and
functional managers almost without exception would prefer to receive the
specified service rather than pursue a deduction to the contract price. It
is therefore important to insure that the contractor be promptly notified of
defects.  The defects which may be reworked include all verified defects


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