Quantcast Notification of Inspection Results

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including validated customer complaints.  Some work requirements, such as
timeliness or daily services, may not be possible to rework.  In some
instances the Government may find it advantageous to rework the defects
using its own forces or have the defects reworked by another contractor. In
any event, the objective is to use the "Consequences of Contractor's Failure
To Perform Required Services" clause (see P-68) to maximize the benefit for
the customer by obtaining reworked services whenever possible.
6-350 Notification of Inspection Results. The quality assurance
evaluator (QAE) is responsible for assessing the contractor's performance in
accordance with the quality assurance (QA) plan.  The QAE should keep the
FSCM informed of the contractor's performance so appropriate action may be
taken in a timely manner in the event of poor contractor performance.
The contractor should be notified promptly of defects in performance and
where appropriate, the QAE should provide a daily report to the contractor
detailing the defects in the quality of the work.
This report should identify:
(a) The work requirement in which the defect was observed,
(b) The nature of the defect,
(c) The location (if applicable),
(d) The intention to allow rework (where applicable).
In addition, the report should list any deficiencies in other performance
elements such as noncompliance with safety standards.
6-410 General.  Surveillance of facility support contracts is undertaken
to establish whether or not the contractor is performing in accordance with
the contract.  Surveillance is a process whereby discrete end items of
service are examined in a formalized manner, using a Quality Assurance Plan
(Chapter 4), to determine conformance with the performance requirements
contained in the contract documents. The performance of the contractor is
evaluated on the basis of a number of performance elements including:
Quality of Work
Quality Control
Preparation of Schedules
Timely Performance
Effectiveness of Management
Response to Requests
Preparation of Reports
Compliance with Safety Standards
Compliance with Labor Standards


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