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6-445 Accident Reporting. The contractor is required to report accidents
in accordance with the provisions of the contract. Unless specified to the
contrary in the contract, the contractor has the option of reporting the
accident by copy of his OSHA report, insurance report, workman's
compensation report, or a government provided Standard Form 92.
6-450 Compliance With Labor Standards.
6-451 General The contractor is required to pay a prescribed minimum
wage referred to as the prevailing wage rate) in accordance with
either the Service Contract Act of 1965 or the Davis-Bacon Act of 1931.  The
Davis-Bacon Act sets minimum wage rates for those contractor employees who
are engaged in a task or project which is individually valued at $2,000 or
greater and involves construction, renovation, alteration or repair type
work.  The Service Contract Act (for contracts greater than $2,500) sets
minimum wage rates for those contractor employees who are engaged in ongoing
plant operation and maintenance services or construction type work where
individual projects are valued at less than $2,000.
6-452 Service Contract Act. The Wage and Hour, public Contracts Division
and the Office of Federal contract compliance, both under the jurisdiction
of the Department of Labor, are primarily responsible for compliance and
enforcement of the act.  The Contracting Officer has no authority for direct
enforcement of the act.  The Contracting Officer is required to cooperate
with the Department of Labor and is required to withhold payment from the
contractor if he/she receives a written request from a representative of the
department, who is at least at the level of Assistant Regional Director.
6-453 Davis-Bacon Act. The Contracting Officer has full authority and
responsibility for the enforcement of the labor standard provisions of a
contract which incorporates a determination based upon the Davis-Bacon
Act. He/she must ensure that wage determinations are posted at the work
site and that interviews of the contractor's employees are conducted to
determine wage rates actually in effect.
The labor standards provisions of the contract contain a list of the wage
rates in effect.  A copy of the wage determination and any modifications
must be kept posted at the site of the work in a location where the wage
determination can be easily seen by the contractor's employees. The
designated individual from the field activity organization should ensure
that the contractor properly displays the wage determination.
The taking and recording of contractor employee interviews is a primary
administrative function in the enforcement of the Davis-Bacon labor
standards. The purpose of the interviews is to develop factual data of
wages actually paid, the various classifications of employees, and to verify
data shown on the contractor's payroll.
The labors standards interview form (DD Form 1567, Appendix H, Form 2) should
be used in conducting employee interviews. Employees interviewed should
include a representative cross section of the contractor's work force.  The
number of employees considered sufficient on the circumstances .


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