Quantcast Appendix B Definitions

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is the process by which the
Acquisition Planning - Acquisition planning
efforts of all personnel responsible for an
acquisition are coordinated and
integrated through a comprehensive plan for
fulfilling the agency need in a
timely manner and at a reasonable cost.  It
includes developing the overall
strategy for managing the acquisition.
Administrative Contracting Officer - Administrative contracting officer (ACO)
refers to a contracting officer who is administering contracts.
Adjustment Factor - The adjustment factor refers to an amount which is
deducted from the observed defect (ODR) when random sampling for extrapolated
deductions (RSED) or random sampling without extrapolated deductions (RSWED)
is used to calculate the defect rate (DR) for the entire population.  This
factor is determined from standard tables.
Certificate of Competency - A Certificate of Competency is the certificate
issued by the Small Business Administration (SEA) stating that the holder is
responsible (with respect to all elements of responsibility, including but
not limited to capability, competency, capacity, credit, integrity,
perseverance and tenacity) for the purpose of receiving and performing a
specific Government contract.
Commercial Activities Cost (Comparison - Commercial activities cost comparison
is a determination of whether it is more economical to acquire the needed
products or services from a private commercial source or from existing or
proposed Government sources. Commercial activities cost comparisons are
based on procedures where the Government and interested contractors bid on
the function under study.  The low bidder (based on A-76 guidelines) is then
awarded the work.
Commercial Activity - A commercial activity (CA) is an activity (function)
operated and managed by the Navy that provides a product or service which is
also obtainable from a private commercial source.
Construction Criteria Base - The construction criteria base consists of the
full electronic text of construction criteria and guide specifications
Prepared by NAVFACENGCOM, the Corps of Engineers, NASA, the Veterans
Administration and other agencies.
Contracting Manual P-68 - The Contracting Manual P-68 is the Naval Facilities
Engineering Command Contracting Manual establishing uniform contracting
policies and procedures for the Naval Facilities Engineering Command
(NAVFACENGCOM) including contracting offices exercising authority delegated
Contract Discrepancy Report - A contract discrepancy report is the report
transmitted to the contractor by the Contracting Officer, initiated by the


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