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facility support contract manager (FSCM), and completed by the contractor,
whenever his performance is unsatisfactory.
Contract Requirement - A contract requirement represents a specific task to
be performed under the contract.  In the case of combination firm fixed
price/indefinite quantity contracts and indefinite quantity contracts, the
contract requirements for - the firm fixed price part of the contract and
the indefinite quantity part are listed in the performance requirements
summary (PRS). The contract requirements for the indefinite quantity work
correspond to the items listed in the Schedule of Indefinite Quantity Work.
Customer Complaints - Customer complaints are complaints made by customers
which if validated, may be used by the Government for the purpose of assessing
the contractor's quality assurance or for taking deductions to the contract
Davis-Bacon Act - The Davis-Bacon Act is legislation which pertains to
minimum wage rates and benefits that must be paid an Federal construction
Deduction -A deduction is money deducted from the contractor's invoice for
noncompliance with contract requirements.
Defect Rate - The defect rate is the ratio expressed as a percentage, of the
number of defects to the total number of occurrences in the population.
Alternatively, the Defect Rate (DR) may be expressed as a whole number (e.g.,
4 per month). When random sampling for extrapolated deductions (RSED) or
random sampling without extrapolated deductions (RSWED) are used, the DR is
determined by subtracting an adjustment factor from the ODR. Alternatively,
the defect rate may be expressed as a number of defects over a specified
period of time. When planned sampling is used, the defect rate is calculated
by dividing the total of all defects (both within and without the sample) by
the total population.
Delivery Order - A delivery order is an order (DD Form 1155) placed under an
existing contract calling for delivery of specific materials or products or
performance of specific services on a particular date or dates or within
specified periods of time.
Department of Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement.
Department of Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS)
establishesthe Department of Defense uniform policies and procedures
implementing and supplementing the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).
This supplement must be read in conjunction with the Federal Acquisition
Regulation, NAPS, and the contracting Manual P-68.
Engineering Field Divisions - An engineering field division (EFD) is one of
the six field divisions of NAVFACENGCOM (Atlantic, Pacific, Northern,
Chesapeake, Southern, and Western). When used generally, the term includes
any independent Officer in Charge of Construction which report directly to


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