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contract close-out.  The term quality assurance is used colloquially as
meaning post-award surveillance of the contractor's work.
Quality Assurance Evaluator - Quality Assurance evaluators (QAE) are
individuals assigned to perform quality assurance surveillance of products or
services procured, and to record and document the findings.
Quality Assurance Evaluator Schedule - A quality assurance evaluator schedule
is a specific monthly plan of action for a specific quality assurance
Quality Assurance Plan - A quality assurance plan (QAP) for a particular
contract includes a series of individual surveillance guides (SGs). The QAP
also contains a copy of the performance requirements summary (PRS) for
reference use by the quality assurance evaluator (QAE) together with
inspection and report forms as appropriate.
Random Number Table - A random number table is a table of numbers arranged in
a random fashion.
Random Sample - A random sample is a sample of services which has been
selected according to rules which will assure each member of the population
an equal chance of being selected.
Rework - Rework is the performance of services which were found to be
defective as a result of contract surveillance or other validated source.
Sample - A sample consists of one or more work requirements drawn from a
population. The number of work requirements selected for evaluation is the
sample size.
Service Contract Act - The Service Contract Act is legislation which pertains
to minimum wage rates and benefits that must be paid on Federal contracts
performed by facility support service contract personnel.
Specification Writer - The specification writer is a person charged with
developing a performance work statement (PWS) and quality assurance (QA)
Standard of Performance - The standard of performance is an established
measure of quality for work requirements .
Surveillance - Surveillance is the process of monitoring, either by direct
evaluation, observation, or other information sources, contractor
Surveillance Guide - A surveillance guide (SG) is prepared for each contract
requirement or group of contract requirements shown on the performance
requirements summary (PRS).  The SG's primary focus is on the service, or end
result to be achieved by the contractor, rather than on the details of how
the work is to be accomplished.


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