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MO-327 CHG 94-01
Task - Task is another name for a contract requirements
Task Analysis - Task analysis is an examination of a task to
determine inputs, work, and outputs.
(Part of Job Analysis).
Tree Diagram - A tree diagram is an visual representation of the
major function performed by a system which shows logical parts
and subparts.
(Part of Job Analysis).
Uniform contract Format  - The uniform contract format (UCF) is
the standard format for invitations for bids, solicitation and
resulting contracts as prescribed at FAR 14.202-l and FAR
Uniform Contract Format Guide - The NAVFACENGCOM Uniform Contract
Format (UCF) Guide contains approved clauses and provisions for
use as an aid in preparing Facility Support Service Contracts
over $25,000.  The clauses and provisions contained in the UCF
have been approved in accordance with the requirements of the
Department of Defense Acquisition Regulation (DFARS) and the Navy
Acquisition Procedures Supplement (NAPS).  No other clause may be
used unless approval is obtained from NAVFAC Code 11.  The
clauses and provisions are arranged in the UCF as required by the
Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and the sections to which
they are assigned shall not be changed.
Validated Customer Complaints - Validated customer complaints
constitute a surveillance method based on customer awareness.
Customers familiar with the contract requirement notify the
quality assurance evaluator (QAE) of individual occurrence of
unsatisfactory performance by the contractor.  Upon notification,
the QAE investigates the report and, if valid, documents the
performance problem.
Work Requirement - Work requirement are components of a contract
requirement and are used to define the characteristics of that
particular contract requirement.  The work requirements may be
specified in terms of timeliness of performance, the preparation
of documentation associated with a particular contract
requirement may be appropriate.  In some instances, only one work
requirement will have the same description as the contract
requirement.  A series of work requirements associated with each
particular contract requirement are listed in the PRS.


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