Quantcast Appendix C

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Bus Services
Custodial Services
Maintenance of Military Family Housing
Grounds Maintenance Services
Guard Services
Solid Waste Collection and Disposal
Transportation Operation and Maintenance Services
Building and Structures Maintenance (other than Family
Operation and Maintenance of Electrical Distribution and
Emergency Generation System
Elevator Maintenance Services
Hazardous Waste Management Services
Central Heating Plant and Distribution System Operation,
Maintenance, and Repair
HVAC, Refrigeration Plant, and Compressed Air Plant
Operation, Maintenance and Repair
Pest Control Services
Rail Facilities Maintenance and Repair Services
Surfaced Areas Maintenance
Operation of Telephone/Communications Systems
Electric Power Generation, Heating Plant, and Steam
Distribution Systems Operation, Maintenance, and Repair
Water Plants and Systems operation and Maintenance
Wastewater Collection Systems and Treatment Facilities
Operation and Maintenance
Hospital Housekeeping Services
Fixed Fire Protection and Warning Systems Maintenance
NAVFAC Guide Performance Work Statements (GPWS)
Many GPWS are still in development or planned for rewrite.  The
policies, criteria, and nomenclature contained in this manual
supersede anything to the contrary in previously issued GPWSs. Check
with the NAVFAC Engineering Field Division for availability of the


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