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SD-44, Manufacturer's Instructions
a. Wall covering
b. Cap molding
c. Corner guard
[Submit to the Contracting Officer.] Submit complete procedures for an
expert installation, includingpreparation of the substrate.  Submit Material
Safety Data Sheets (MSFDS) for all primers, sealers, and adhesives to the
Contracting Officer.
SD-50, Samples
a. Wall covering
b. Cap molding
c. Corner guard
Submit for each type, pattern and color of wall cover. Patterned samples
shall be of sufficient size to show a complete pattern.
SD-66, Statements
a.  Contractor experienced data
Submit data as required by paragraph entitled "Contractor Experience."
SD-76, Certificates of Compliance
a. Wall covering
b. Primer
c. Sealer
d. Adhesive
SD-80, Operation and Maintenance Manuals
a.  Cleaning and maintenance instructions
Submit the wall covering manufacturer's printed instructions for cleaning and
maintenance [to the Contracting Officer].
NOTE:  The experience clause in this guide specification has been approved by
a Level 1, Contracting Officer, in accordance with the requirements of NAVFAC
p-68.  This paragraph may be used without further approval or request for
The work shall be done by experienced installers under a qualified
supervisor.  The supervisor shall have a minimum of 5 years' experience in
this area of work.  Before installation of wall covering, submit data
attesting that the installation supervisor has the required experience. Data
shall include dates of supervisory experience, names and addresses of
employers, and the names and locations of at least five installations where
he has supervised this type of work.


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