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NOTE:  Extra stock of wall covering may be required. If not, deletethis
paragraph.  Extra stock should be based on anticipated usage. In the absence
of experience data, a minimum of one linear foot for each 100 linear feet
installed is suggested.
Provide one linear foot of full-width wall covering of each pattern and color
for each [100] [
] linear feet of wall covering installed. Extra stock
shall be of the same manufacture, type, pattern, Color, and lot number as the
installed wall covering. Provide full rolls, packed for storage and marked
with content, pattern, and color.  Leave extra stock at the site, as
Complete painting and all trade work that penetrates the substrate, before
beginning wall covering installation.  Inspect rooms and areas to be
covered.  Test walls for moisture content with an electric moisture meter and
take corrective measures if reading is more than 5 percent.
Remove dirt, grease, crayon, ink, or other similar markings to prevent color
stainingor bleeding through the vinyl.  Coat markings, which are difficult
to remove without damaging the substrate surface, with a white pigmented oil
baseprimer.  Remove switch and receptacle cover plates, wall mounted
lighting fixtures, and similar items in contact with surfaces to receive wall
covering.  Fill cracks, crevices, and holes with compound recommended by the
wall covering manufacturer.  Sand rough spots smooth and remove residual
powder using a damp cloth.  Surfaces to be covered shall be thoroughly dry.
Prime and seal surfaces to be covered, in accordance with the wall covering
manufacturer's printed instructions, to permit ultimate removal of the wall
covering without damaging the wall surface.
Wall Covering
NOTE:  For determination of proper quantities of all covering and adhesive
necessary, the drawing must indicate the width and height of areas to receive
the wall covering.  If more than one wall covering type, pattern, and color
is to be used, indicate each room or area number to be covered and specify
the type or pattern and color as applicable.


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