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The substrate and conditions in the area shall meet all requirements for a
satisfactory installation.  Apply adhesive and wall covering in accordance
with the manufacturer's printed instructions.
After hanging the first three
panels obtain approval of color uniformity and pattern match. Assure that:
covering is applied without horizontal joints; internal and external angles
are continuous withvertical joints occurring not less than 6 inches from the
internal or external corner; vertical joints are lapped and double cut or
factory trimmed and butted; edges extend not less than 1/2 inch behind
applied base and trim; seams and corners are securely pasted, so that no
moisture or water vapor can get behind the wall covering; and wall covering
extends behind edges of switch and receptacle cover plates and other
surface-mounted equipment. Hang wall covering to assure that:  colors are
uniform; patterns are matched at the seams; and finished surfaces are free of
air pockets, wrinkles, tears, and other defects.
3.3.2 Cap Molding
Finish the top edge of wainscot-high wall covering with cap molding. Install
in accordance with the manufacturer's printed instructions.  Assure that:
joints butt neatly, arelevel, and without gaps; molding is straight; and
wall covering top edge is completely enclosed.
Corner Guard
Install in accordance with the manufacturer's printed instructions.
Remove excessadhesive from each seam, in accordance with the adhesive
manufacturer's recommendations, and wipe the wall covering clean. There
shall be no residual film nor stain after cleaning. Reinstall switch and
receptacle cover plates, wall mounted lighting fixtures, and similar items
removed to permit installation of the wall covering.
End of Section --
The following information shall be shown on the project drawings:
1.  Location and extent of work including dimensions of surfaces
to receive wall covering.
2.  Pattern and color. When more than one pattern or  color is
to be installed, identify location and extent of work for each
pattern and color.
Location and profile of cap molding, when required.
Location of corner guards, when required.


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