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NOTE B:  Recommended uses or the three types of wall coverings are as
Type I(Light Duty):  Wall surfaces above wainscot where the
wainscot extends at least to top of door openings, and for
Type II(Medium Duty): Wall covering for areas subjected to
average traffic wear and scuffing; full height on walls without
wainscot or as a wainscot.
Type III(Heavy Duty): Full height on walls without wainscot or
as a wainscot for areas subjected to excessive traffic wear and
Coordinate with the "Room Finish Schedule" when more than one type is
required in the project.
NOTE C:  If pattern and color are not indicated on the drawings, insert the
pattern and color required. Provide a generic description for the pattern
and color (e.g., Pattern silky, suede, pebble, burlap weave, etc., color
light green, beige, lemon yellow, etc.) or specify a manufacturer's name,
pattern, and color designation for the desired wall covering. When a
manufacturer's name, stock number, pattern, and color is specified, be
certain that the product named conforms to this specification, as edited,
and add the following note to the paragraph text: "Manufacturer's name and
stock number are provided to identify the pattern, color, andtexture
desired. Other manufacturers' productions, meeting the requirements
specified and having similar pattern, color, and texture will be
acceptable."  Avoid selection of a deeply embossed pattern for use where
frequent washing of the wall covering is required. Coordinate with the "Room
Finish Schedule" when more than one pattern or color is required in the


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