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MO-327 CHG 94-01
1. Contract Requirement. Space Cleaning
Work Requirements
Standards of Performance
Sweeping/Dust Mopping and/or
Quality Standards, Section C
(C.7.a(1)(a) & (b))
b. Emptying Waste Containers
Quality Standards. Section C
Low Dust ing/Cleaning
Quality Standards, Section C
d. Cleaning Walk-Off Mats
Quality Standards, Section C
2.  Primary Method of Surveillance.  Random sampling !CHOOSE EITHER "WITH" OR
"WITHOUT"! extrapolated deductions supported by validated customer complaints
and unscheduled inspections.
Maximum Allowable Defect Rate (MADR).
The MADR for all work requirements
Quantity of Work.  The actual quantity of work  per month will vary
depending on the number of space cleaning services Fo be performed during  the
upcoming month.  For example, assume there are 500 spaces to receive dai ly
space c l eaning services during the work week.  In November 1990, there were 19
working da s, excluding weekends and holidays. Therefore, the quantity of
work was 1 9 days X 500 spaces = 9,500 space cleanings for the month o f
November 1990.
5. Level of Surveillance.  The normal level of surveillance will be used at
the start of the contract.  The minimum level ma  be used if the observed
defect rates (ODRs) for all four work requirements are less than their MADRs
for two consecutive months, and if approved by the Contracting Officer.  If at
the minimum level the ODR exceeds the MADR for any work requirement for any
given month, consider returning to the normal level.
6. Sample Size
Determine the sample size based on the level of surveillance
and the quantity of work for the evaluation period
Sample sizes may be
obtained from the sample size tables in Appendix D of NAVFAC MO-327
example using the quantity in paragraph 4 above (9,500 space cleanings) the
sample sizes would be as follows:
Normal Sampling - 212
Minimum Sampling - 65 *
* Based on an average of 9,500 services per month for a 12 month
contract term.
7. Sampling Procedures.  Prior to the beginning of the evaluation period the
QAE will randomly select the appropriate number of samples based on the level
of surveillance which will be used.  212 random numbers in the range between 1
and 9,500 would be chosen for the previous example using the table of random


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