Quantcast Chapter 9. Rules of the Road

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9.1 TRAFFIC SIGNS. Traffic signs warn drivers of
traffic conditions, limitations, and potential dangers
ahead.  The shape of the traffic sign indicates the
class of limitation or type of warning.
Stop Signs.  Stops signs are red octagonal
signs (Figure 6); a complete stop must be made at such
Yield Signs. Yield signs are red triangular
signs with block lettering (Figure 7). At such signs,
traffic must yield right-of-way to vehicles on the
intersecting road; they are used to control the flow of
traffic onto or across a road or highway on which the
volume of traffic usually is light enough to permit
entering the intersection without making a full stop.
When approaching yield signs, slow down, enter the
intersection cautiously, and be prepared to yield the
right-of-way.  If traffic is approaching on the other
road, stop and wait for a clear, safe space.
c.  Speed Limit Signs.  Speed limit signs are
white  rectangular  signs  w i t h b l a c k l e t t e r s a n d
numerals indicating speed limits (Figure 8). The stated
limit is the highest speed considered safe under normal
traffic conditions when the roadway is dry. This speed
should be reduced at night, when traffic is heavy, and
Never exceed the posted
during bad weather.
maximum speed limits.  Reduce speed signs may


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