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(2) Do not park in spaces designated as
emergency areas or NO PARKING zones.
(3) Do not park in or block access to a
driveway, crosswalk, an area posted as an entrance, or
funeral parking space.
(4)  Do  not  park  too  close  to  an
intersection .  (Local regulations vary, but maintain
approximately 50-foot clearance.)
9.15 BACKING. Before backing a vehicle for even a
short distance, the vehicle operator will ensure that
the area of the rear of the vehicle is clear, (free of
persons or obstructions). This is especially important
when backing a closed vehicle such as a van, truck or
truck tractor and trailer where visibility is limited to
use of mirrors.  The areas directly behind these
vehicles cannot be reflected in the mirror image. In
such cases, the vehicle operator will dismount and
inspect the area to the rear to be sure it is safe to
When possible, request assistance from
someone to guide you. Never open either door while
vehicle is in motion.


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