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The physical structure of the manual has been designed for easy copying. Many
pages are sample worksheets and forms that must be copied to be used with the
recommended procedures.
The manual covers service issues for systems using flat-plate, evacuated tube, or
unglazed (pool) solar collectors.
It examines four loads that can be met by solar heating. These are domestic and
process hot water, space heating, space cooling and swimming pool heating. These
four applications represent the vast majority of Navy solar systems. They also offer
the reader a fairly broad look at the types of interconnections between solar systems
and loads.
Chapters of this manual are:
Chapter 2 - Operation
Chapter 3 - Inspection
Chapter 4 - Troubleshooting
Chapter 5 - Repair
Chapter 6 - Preventative Maintenance
System design is not specifically addressed. However, it cannot be completely
ignored. If the system design is inadequate or incorrect, it will affect system
operation and maintenance.
For this reason, Appendices A and B include "generic" system designs and sizing
guidelines. These are based on ongoing efforts by military and civilian authorities to
standardize the layout and sizing of components in solar systems. Hopefully, this
will simplify the operation and maintenance of solar systems installed or
rehabilitated in the future.
The information in Appendices A and B assists the service staff to determine when
performance problems are actually caused by design errors. These Appendices
show correct system designs, but they are not meant to replace a design guide.


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