Quantcast Swimming Pool Heating

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The solar tank is given the first chance to meet the cooling load. If it is not at a high
enough temperature, the water returning from the generator is diverted through the
auxiliary boiler instead. Solar energy is not used for preheating, and the two
systems are completely independent.
Another way to provide back-up is to install a mechanical or electrical chiller, in
parallel with the solar absorption chilling unit. In this case, an auxiliary boiler is not
used in the loop with the absorption chiller (Figure 2-8).
An Absorption
Cooling System
Notice that both types
of back-up are
pictured, but only one
is normally used.
Swimming Pool Heating
In pool heating, the pool itself functions as the storage medium (Figure 2-9). If the
pool is outside, it is normally not used during the winter. During the summer months
there is a relatively small temperature difference between the pool and the air
around it.


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