Quantcast Figure 3-1 Condensation on a Collector Glazing

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Normally, glazings are cleaned by periodic rain and snow. If precipitation is
infrequent, air quality is poor, or a building component (such as an exhaust fan or a
chimney) deposits materials on the glazing, a regular schedule of cleaning should
be established.
Never clean tempered glass glazings by hosing them off with
water, unless they are cool. The rapid cooling and thermal
contraction of the glass may cause the m to shatter.
Some brands of evacuated tube collectors use polished metal reflectors under the
tubes. These should also be checked for dust, leaves and other materials.
The underside of glazings should also be checked for water condensation and
outgassing. Condensation is typically spread unevenly on the underside of the
glazing. (Figure 3-1) It usually indicates a leak in the glazing gasket system or the
collector frame. In some cases, an absorber plate leak may be the cause of the
problem. If this is suspected but not obvious, remove the glazing to check the
absorber plate.
Condensation on a
Collector Glazing


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