Quantcast Seals Grommets and Gaskets

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Collector Weep Hole
Seals Grommets and Gaskets
Loose, degraded or broken collector seals reduce performance by letting cold
outside air move through the collector, or by admitting water which clouds the
Check pipe grommets by looking through the glazing, not by removing pipe
insulation.  A gray or brown haze in the corners of the glazing indicates an
outgassing grommet or frame comer seal. They may break down to the point they
can no longer seal properly.
Water droplets on the underside of the glazing in the corners is a sure sign that
either the grommet or the frame corner seal is breaking down.
The glazing gasket should still be compressed by the glazing cap strips. Some
collectors use a glazing gasket with a gap which can open up over time. A brown or
gray fog around the perimeter of the glazing indicates an outgassing glazing gasket.


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