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Interior Insulation
Make sure that interior insulation is not damaged by moisture, side wall insulation is
still in place and the insulation is not blocking any weep holes.
If significant amounts of moisture have entered the frame (enough to stain the
absorber plate), and fiber glass insulation is used in the collector, it is a good idea to
dismantle the collector. Check if the insulation has dropped and compressed behind
the absorber, leaving an uninsulated area.
An overall brown fog on the glazing may indicate outgassing from insulation
materials. Again, it is best to leave this unattended for six months before cleaning
the glazing. If the problem reoccurs, dismantle the collector and find the cause of
the problem.
Mounting Hardware
Check if all mounting hardware connections are tight. Confirm that the connection
to the building is still secure.  Make sure no galvanic corrosion has occurred
between mounting hardware, collectors, building components, piping and pipe
Lightning Protection
If lightning protection has been provided for the collector array, check that all
lightning rods are still in place and upright, wiring connections are secure and the
ground rod(s) are still secure and in good condition.
Make sure all collectors are under the "cone of protection" of the lightning rods, that
is, within the perimeter of installed lightning rods.
Frame Grounding
Make sure every collector with a sensor is adequately grounded. This is done using
a bare section of 12 or 14 gauge copper wire. One end is hose clamped to the
collector outlet piping. The other end is mechanically secured to the collector frame
using the mounting hardware. (Figure 3-4)


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