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Fiber glass and rigid foam insulations must be jacketed to protect against
penetration by snow and rain as well as UV radiation. Make sure the insulation
jacket is complete and in good condition. Insulation joints should still be watertight.
The ends of insulation should butt snugly against the collector frames and the joint
should be sealed with silicone sealant or the equivalent. (Figure 3-8)
Shrunken Insulation
Exposing Pipe
The appearance of pipe insulation is another important consideration. Nothing
detracts from an installation more than ragged, deteriorating pipe insulation. It is
also an indication that there has been, or will be, a problem.
It is important to check for loose pipe hangers, since increased damage can happen
to loose piping. This is critical in exterior piping runs subject to any foot traffic, with
the greater chance of vandalism or casual contact. The greater the stress on the
piping, the greater the chance that leaks will develop.
3.1.3 Interior Piping.
Leaks, Insulation and Hangers
Inspect interior piping for loose or missing insulation and hangers and leakage.
Follow the information in the preceding section for insulation, hangers and leaks.


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