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Schrader Valve on a
Expansion Tank
Tanks without diaphragms usually include a sight glass to determine the fluid level.
Depending on system pressure, about half the tank volume should be air.
Pressure Reducing Valves
Glycol-filled loops must not be equipped with automatic water make-up systems.
Over time, enough water can enter the loop as glycol leaks out for freezing damage
to occur to outside components.
3.1.4 Pumps,
Electrical Connections
Make sure all wiring, conduit and junction boxes are securely fastened. All wire
connectors and cover screws should be in place and tight. Turn shutoff switches or
breakers off and on to check them. Confirm that the pump motors are properly
grounded, either by visually checking, or by using an ohmmeter.
Piping Connections and Seals
Check all pump ports for sign of leakage or corrosion, both while the pump is
running and when it is off. Look for leakage at the body seal on wet rotor pumps
and the shaft seal of external motor pumps.


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