Quantcast Closed-Loop Fluid, if used

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Closed-Loop Fluid, if used
OK Repair
Adequate pressure*
Glycol pH, alkalinity and concentration acceptable
Make-up water supply, if present, shut off and tagged
OK Repair
Electrical connections secure
Control securely mounted
On/off differentials correct*
Sensor wires secure, unbroken, not shorted
120/240 VAC wiring at least one foot from sensor wires
Sensor resistance appropriate*
Cable shield, if used, grounded to cabinet only
Storage Tanks
OK Repair
Drain valve opens and closes properly
Insulation complete, tight, dry
No evidence of leakage
Dielectric fittings where needed, no corrosion
Sensor wires secure
Sensor secure, in good thermal contact with tank wall
Heating element wiring, if used, is secure
T & P not blowing off, load still using heat
*Check the system's operation and maintenance manual, or this
manual's appendices for more information.


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