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3.4 Questions for Self-study
Instructions: Choose the one answer you believe is correct. Answers to questions
are in Appendix F.
3-1 What does "outgassing" in a solar collector look like?
a) Gummy deposits on the absorber plate
b) Uneven droplets on the glass
c) A uniform cloud or haze on the inside of the glass
d) A degraded absorber coating
3-2 What do weep holes do?
Let out excess fluid pressure from the collector loop
Keep the collector loop pressure high enough
Let moisture out of the collectors
Keep moisture from entering the collectors
3-3 What size wire should be used to ground the collector frames?
a) 10 AWG or larger
b) 12-14 AWG
c) 14-20 AWG
d) 20 AWG or smaller
3-4 Where should the thermistor sensor used on the collector be installed?
a) On the collector outlet piping
b) On the collector inlet piping
c) On the inlet piping
d) In the air, shaded by the collector
3-5 What must be done to elastomeric pipe insulation used outside?
a) Jacket it
b) Waterproof it
c) Paint it
d) Nothing


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