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What You Will Find in This Chapter
This chapter contains information on determining what is wrong with a solar system.
A troubleshooting chart is provided.
Information on how to repair the problems that troubleshooting turns up can be
found in Chapter 5, Repair. Preventive maintenance is covered in Chapter 6
The first section of this chapter describes troubleshooting techniques. Those
unfamiliar with troubleshooting should read this information carefully.
The information in Appendices A, B and C will be helpful in performing the
operations described in this chapter.
Troubleshooting an HVAC system should involve more than looking for an obvious
problem, or replacing components at random in an attempt to get the system
working again. This is particularly true of solar heating systems. What is required is
a systematic procedure that carefully "troubleshoots" the system until the problem is
located and repaired.
Cause or Symptom
What may appear to be the cause of a problem may actually be a symptom of
another problem.  For example, if a sensor is secured to an ungrounded solar
collector, a discharge of static electricity may travel through the sensor wire and ruin
the control.
Replacing the control does not solve the problem that destroyed it. The new control
is still likely to be damaged, and the system will be inoperative again. If the collector
with the sensor is properly grounded, the actual problem has been solved. Now a
new control can be expected to remain functional.


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