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Repair or replace pump.
Circulating pump not
Collector loop shows
Tank temperature
working properly (either
no loss of pressure
lower than normal
water or solar)
Return to correct position.
Valves or pump isolation
flanges closed
Repair or replace piping.
Bent or crushed pipes
In collector array, unequal outlet
Obstruction in collector
temperature will show obstructed
loop piping or collector(s)
collector(s). Check heat
exchanger also. Flush and
recharge system with solar fluid.
Check air vents in water lines
Storage (water) piping
for proper installation and
operation. Check for air in water
side of heat exchanger.
Heat exchanger, pumps or Check with system designer.
piping undersized
Check for proper flow direction.
Faulty or incorrectly
Check for blockage.
installed check valve
Repair or replace tempering valve.
Tempering (mixing) valve
Confirm proper valve placement.
set too low or not
Follow manufacturers recom-
operating properly
mendations for placement.
Check for and repair leaks.
Air in collector loop
Tank temperature
Collector loop shows
Check pressure relief valve(s).
wide fluctuations in
lower than normal
Check for proper use and operation
of air vents. Recharge system with
solar fluid.
Insulate to at least R10 if inside,
Tank poorly insulated
Tank losing heat,
at least R20 if tank is outside.
or insulation wet
especially at night
Inspect and repair check valve
Reverse thermosiphoning
in solar loop.
Repair or replace insulation.
Piping losing heat
Improper or insufficient
Insufficient storage of heat Replace with larger tank, or add
Small storage tank
another one.
(See Appendix B)
Repair or replace back-up heater.
Faulty back-up heater
Solar tank warm, but
back-up heater cool
Repair or replace bad sensor or
System never operates Collector sensor or wires
open, storage sensor or
wires shorted, sensor


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