Quantcast Troubleshooting Chart -Cont. - mo4050126

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Return switch to correct position,
Tank temperature
System never operates Control power off, switch
set wrong, or control is
confirm power supply, check
lower than normal
control and replace if defective.
Repair or replace bad sensor or
System runs all the
Collector sensor or wires
wires. Tighten connections.
shorted, storage sensor or
wires open, sensor loose
Set control switch to correct
Control switch set wrong,
position, replace control if
or control is defective
Reroute wires, and/or use
System runs at odd
Sensor wires too close to
shielded cable. Connect shield
times or relay
120V (or higher) lines or
other electrical "noise"
to control case ground only.
Clear obstruction or clean
Gradual performance
Collectors shaded, or
glazings when cool.
glazings dirty
Check for weep holes, make sure
Condensation on inside of
they are open. If none exist,
collector glazings
drill three 3/16" holes in
bottom of affected collector.
Repair or replace pipe insulation.
Pipe insulation degraded
Tempering valve defective Repair or replace tempering valve,
confirm proper valve placement.
Heat exchanger scaling up Descale heat exchanger
with hard water
Repair or replace air vents if faulty,
Air in storage loop (water)
and/or reroute storage loop piping.
piping or tanks
Drop in DHW pressure Drop in pressure of both Strainer, filter, valve or
Clean or replace clogged unit.
delivered to load
Return valves to proper position.
hot and cold fixtures
conditioner clogged or
Check pressure reducing valve for
closed in cold supply
proper flow direction.
Return valves to proper position.
Drop in pressure of hot Valve closed in storage
tank feed or supply line
fixtures only
Air in storage tank, or
Repair or replace air vents and/or
reroute storage loop piping
tank feed or supply line,
or heat exchanger
System never operates Refer to "System never operates" above
System not running
at appropriate
System runs all the
Refer to "System runs all the time" above
Refer to "System runs at odd times or relay chatters"
System runs at odd
time or relay


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