Quantcast Handling and Moving Glass Glazings

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Tempered glass is cut to size before tempering. Any attempt to cut tempered glass
will break it.
Handling and Moving Glass Glazings
Leave replacement glazings packed as they were shipped until you are at the job
site. Repack unused replacements before transporting them back to storage.
Always carry glass vertically (upright) (Figure 5-1). Be very careful not to scratch the
glass. A deep scratch will cause the glass to shatter the first time it gets hot. If
possible, use suction cups with handles designed specifically for moving glass.
Carrying Glass
Remove the small pieces of broken glazing with a shop vacuum. Avoid rubbing off
the black absorber surface with the hose or the glass "crumbs." Remove the cap
strips holding down the glazing, and remove any pieces of glass and old sealant.


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