Quantcast Figure 5-3 Weep Hole Locations

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Weep Hole
Insulation with more moisture requires opening up the collector and wiping off the
inside of the glazing. If dry weather is anticipated, leave off the glazing for a week
and let the collector dry itself out.
If rain or snow is possible, or if the insulation is completely soaked, remove it and
replace it.
Sometimes, wet fiber glass insulation can be removed from behind the absorber
plate by tearing it off like a paper towel being torn off the roll.  Make sure the
replacement insulation completely fills the void.
Foam insulation can be replaced with sheets of foil-faced, fiber glass-reinforced
polyisocyanurate foam. Use no other foam material! Be sure the replacement
insulator is the same thickness as the original insulation. There are many brands of
this type of material.
Fiber glass insulation must be replaced with an unfaced low-binder batt designed for
solar use. Regular unfaced fiber glass will outgas the excess binder. This will fog
the glazing in a matter of a few weeks.


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