Quantcast Collector Loop Flow Balancing

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Whenever replacing a valve in a horizontal line, drop the valve handle 15 from
horizontal as shown in Figure 5-12. This allows any leakage to drip off the handle
and be seen, rather than soaking into the insulation undetected. Globe valves must
not be used!
Valve Installation
Unless a component is specifically for use in solar heating
systems, confirm that body materials, construction, seals and gaskets
are appropriate for the solar fluid being used and the highest potential
temperatures and pressures for the system. As an example, most of
the standard gate valve packings are quickly degraded by synthetic
oils. The inevitable result is a loss of fluid, leading to more serious
Collector Loop Flow Balancing
Ball valves are usually installed in the inlets of collector arrays for balancing flow
rates.  Every separate array of collectors should have a thermometer or the
equivalent in its outlet. When all the outlet temperatures are identical, the flow rates
are balanced. This works even when the arrays have different numbers of


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