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To replace the mounts, remove the motor from the pump shaft coupling. Check
both front and rear motor mounts. Inspect the coupling, seals and bearings for
signs of wear or leakage while the motor is off the pump.  Remove or disassemble
the motor mount brackets, remove and replace the old rubber rings, and reassemble
the unit (Figure 5-16).
If the coupling is broken, completely replace it. Do not attempt to repair or only
partially replace broken couplings. Try to determine why the coupling broke. Pump
misalignment is a frequent cause.
To reach either sleeve or ball bearings, loosen the coupling and remove the motor.
Depending on the pump, it may be necessary to remove a complete assembly
containing the bearings from the pump volute or motor.
Many bearing assemblies or cartridges can be completely replaced. This is
generally the best method. Consult the manufacturer's service information for
complete instructions, since special tools or materials may be required.
When repairing sleeve bearings with oil wicks, replace the wicking, rather than
reuse the old ones.
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