Quantcast Wet Rotor Pumps (Lubricated by System Fluid)

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Disassembling Pump
Reassemble the pump by fitting the impeller into the volute. Line up mounting
holes, making sure the motor and bearing assembly are right side up.
If you have trouble seating the assemblies, a little wiggling around will correctly
position the impeller. Replace and tighten bolts evenly, moving from bolt to bolt
while tightening. This is similar to the way lug nuts on a car are tightened.
After repairing a pump, follow the procedures in Section 3.3.4 to confirm that the
pump is operating properly. Many manufacturers offer spray paint for touch-up of
exterior pump surfaces.
5-2.4 Wet Rotor Pumps (Lubricated by System Fluid).
Before making any repairs on these pumps, follow the procedures in Section 4.3.4
to use an ammeter to determine the most likely problem.
Leaks in volutes or body seals are repaired the same way they are for dry rotor
pumps. Bad bearings are replaced by replacement of the assembly which includes
the impeller, shaft and rotor. There are no shaft seals.


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