Quantcast Figure 5-23 Disassembling Taco Pumps

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If the pump has not run for a long period of time, the impeller may be stuck. The
ammeter will indicate about twice the normal amperage. Try rapping the pump body
(gently!) with a hammer handle or a screwdriver handle while the power is on.
Taco 006 to 0010 series pumps feature a removable cartridge. This cartridge
contains the rotor, the shaft and the impeller in a waterproof cartridge. If any of
these parts are defective, the entire cartridge is replaced.
Disassembling Taco
Close the isolation valves or flanges. If the pump has none, drain the system.
Remove the four bolts holding the volute onto the "can" (the motor housing). Some
fluid will be in the cartridge. Disassemble the pump.
Before replacing the cartridge, hold the "can" upright and drop the old cartridge back
in. Reapply power to the pump. (Watch out for flying fluid!)  If the cartridge spins
freely, inspect the inside of the volute for foreign matter or an improper casting
which impeded normal impeller movement.
After repairing a pump, follow the procedures in Section 3.1.4 to confirm that the
pump is operating properly.


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