Quantcast Sample Repair Record Sheet

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Rewire the element, fill the tank, then reapply power. Check the current draw of the
new element to confirm it is working.
Back-Up Heating Thermostat
Turn off all electrical power to the back-up heating system, drain the tank, unbolt the
old thermostat and remove it.
Bolt on the new element, rewire it, and fill the tank. Reapply power. Check the
current draw of the back-up element(s) while turning the thermostat up and down to
confirm it is working. Set the thermostat for the appropriate temperature.
A repair record sheet is shown on the next page. It can be copied and used directly,
or it can be retyped with modifications for particular systems.
This version has a space to describe troubleshooting activities, as well as for repair
activities.  If a problem reoccurs, or a new one emerges, knowing what was
suspicious or repaired in the past can be very helpful.
After the sheet has been filled out, file it with all the other system sheets or
checklists, or with the operation and maintenance manual for that system.


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