Quantcast Preventive Maintenance

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What You Will Find in This Chapter
This chapter contains information on standard preventive maintenance procedures.
Some information on minor repairs is given; however, if major repairs are
necessary, use Chapter 5, Repair. If a system has not been maintained, or has not
been operational for some time, we suggest you perform a system inspection, using
Chapter 3, and make necessary repairs, using Chapter 5, before starting a regular
schedule of maintenance.
We assume you are familiar with the basic components and operation of solar
systems. If not, reading Chapter 2, Operation, will make this chapter more useful.
The information in Appendices A, B and C will be helpful in performing the
operations described in this chapter.
6.1 Maintenance Procedures
6.1.1 Solar Collectors.
Cleaning Glazings
If rain or snow do not keep the glazings clean, regular maintenance should include
Any window cleaning product can be used, but a vinegar/water solution works just
as well (10% vinegar, 90% water). Dry carefully and avoid streaking.
Never clean tempered glass glazings by hosing them off with water
unless they are cool. The rapid cooling and thermal contraction of the
glass may cause it to shatter.


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