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Outgassed material usually forms a uniform cloud or haze on the inside of the
glazing (Figure 6-1). Information on identifying these problems is in Section 3.1.1.
Methods of resolving them is in Section 5.2.1. In either case, the collector may have
to be dismantled, or weep holes will have to be drilled.
Broken Glazings
A broken glazing must be repaired immediately. The interior of the collector,
particularly the absorber and insulation, must be protected from the weather.
Even without a glazing, the absorber plate can be hot enough to
cause serious burns.
If you cover the broken collector with plastic, be sure to support it well
enough to keep it from sagging and touching the absorber plate.
The system can remain operational, unless the absorber plate is leaking. Detailed
information on glazing replacement is in Section 5.2.1.
If there is no obvious cause for a broken glazing, check the collector frame
dimensions. The frame may be out of square, and will continue to break glazings.
Small splinters and sharp edges are mixed in with the safer "crumbs"
of broken tempered glass.


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