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Misaligned Collectors
If any of the connections between the mounting hardware and the building are loose
or missing, repair them. Examine the other mounting points to determine how to do
this. Remember, the biggest load on these points is upward, as the wind tries to
pick up the collectors.
If there is any corrosion, wire brush it off and repaint. If the corrosion is a result of
two different metals being in contact (galvanic corrosion), isolate the two metals
before repainting. Do this with gasket material or neoprene washers.
Use silicone seal, plastic roofing cement or pitch to reseal roof leaks. Your choice
will depend on the type of roofing material and the roof/hardware connection.
(Roofing cement is available in tubes for use in caulking guns.)
Lightning Protection
If lightning protection has been provided for the collector array, tighten any loose
connections, and repair or replace missing, loose or fallen lightning rods.
Tighten connections at the ground rod(s), and make sure they are still secure and in
good condition.
Make sure all collectors are under the "cone of protection" of the lightning rods,
That is, within the perimeter of installed lightning rods.


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