Quantcast Figure 6-9 Checking High Limit Function with a Single Resistor

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With the collector sensor terminals shorted, jumper the sensor terminals marked
"Storage" (or "STOR," etc.). The pump(s) should go off. (Figure 6-8)
To test the high limit function, jumper the collector sensor terminals on the control.
Once the system is running, hold the leads of an appropriate resistor against the
storage sensor terminals. (Figure 6-9) The system should turn off, as the control is
being told the storage tank is above the high limit temperature.
Checking High
Limit Function
with a Single
Use Table 3-3 or 3-4 to determine the right resistance to use to impersonate a
particular temperature.  An abbreviated version, with resistor color codes, is
presented in Table 4-3.


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