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Every  man-rated  hyperbaric
As-Built  Drawings.
facility must maintain a set of system level drawings which reflect
These drawings should include as a
the  "as-built"  condition.
minimum:  material lists, operating pressures for major components
and piping, flow directional arrows, and reference to applicable
cleaning and testing procedures.
2.2  CERTIFICATION  REQUIREMENTS.  Hyperbaric facility maintenance
for man-rated systems requires effective control of work performed,
from the standpoint of material safety.  Such control is achieved
by the establishment of certification requirements for hyperbaric
facilities which strictly monitor and track materials installed,
fabrication  and  installation  procedures  used,  and  personnel
qualifications of the individuals performing the work.
Chapter 4
of this manual discusses the certification process for man-rated
hyperbaric facilities and applicable requirements in detail.
2.3 MATERIAL PROVISIONING AND CONTROL.  Detailed information and
guidance  with  respect  to  material  control  and  provisioning  is
provided in Chapter 5 of this manual.
Facility  users  have  a
requirement to maintain adequate documentation to certify, operate
All  or  part  of  the  following
and  maintain  the  facility.
documentation may be required to continue operations at a specific
hyperbaric facility.
Hyperbaric Construction Contract Documentation. For
hyperbaric  construction  contracts,  including  modifications  to
existing facilities, the following documentation may be required
to be prepared and submitted by the activity performing the work:
Drawings and Manuals.
As-built system drawings.
Hyperbaric facility manuals.
Equipment and component technical manuals.
Material Traceability Records.
Copies of purchase documents.
Vendor's  certificates  of  material  and  equipment
certifying compliance with applicable specifications
and containing detailed chemical, physical, and test
Builder  conducted  chemical  or  physical  tests  on
material or equipment.


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